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Frankie and Tammy

Frankie and Tammy

Frankie (BEW), Tammy (Sable)

We bought 2 little girls from NSWFWS about 18months ago.

Frankie (Black Eyed White) and Tammy (Sable), formerly known as Beatrice.

Both girls settled in really well, Tammy isn't the most social girl, but with Frankie by her side, she was happy.

Frankie was a very affectionate girl, she loved her cuddles, but was always happy to get back to snuggle up and sleep with Tammy.

Unfortunately we lost Frankie in early 2006, and Tammy went downhill almost immediately.

We tried cuddling her, but she became very aggressive without her Frankie.

She didn't want to play with the other ferrets, just wanted to be left alone.

In a last effort to try and make her happy again, we bought another Ferret, Basil, a Silver Mitt, and she picked back up again.

Today, Tammy is still with us, but has changed forever since losing Frankie.

She now has a new friend, Winnie, another Silver Mitt, as we discovered she does not like Sable or Chocolate Ferrets.

She is not a very social girl, but she comes out for runs and plays by herself, as long as the other ferrets leave her alone, she is more than happy to be a loner.

But she enjoys snuggling up to her "Spitting Image of Frankie", Winnie.

But most of all she has a warm bed, food in her belly, a companion, and love.......

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