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Touring with 4 Ferrets

The Border Mail 5/5/06

Touring Around Australia with 4 Fiesty Ferrets in Tow

MARGARET Hinton, pictured with her pet ferret Tiketyboo, takes her beloved animals everywhere.
When she and her husband decided to leave their Gold Coast home to travel around Australia 14 months ago, she packed her four ferrets in their caravan and hit the bitumen.
"They're very keen sightseers and have so far traveled with us to places including Canberra, the Kangaroo Valley and Wangaratta, where we're based at the moment", Mrs. Hinton said.
Determined to show her favourite ferret Tiketyboo, 7 months, the sites of Glenrowan yesterday, Mrs Hinton strolled along the streets with her miniature pal on a lead, oblivious to the looks she received.

Mrs Hinton and her Pet

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