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In 2007 i was going through a difficult time in my life and thats when Spike was brought into my life. During the three years in which i shared with him he brought me and my family so much joy and happiness. He never nipped anyone and was the most gentle and affectionate little boy ever. I have only lost him recently to an illness that is unknown, unfortunatly he got really sick too quick and the vet was unable to do anything further, putting him to sleep was the hardest thing ive ever had to do but now i know that he is no longer suffering and at peace, pouncing around above me. I will always remember the way he ran up and down his cage to say hello, borrowed into my shoulder and pounced around in the bathroom.

Rest in peace my little boy, You are forever in my heart and will never be forgotten.

We love and miss you so much.

Love Stacey, Tara and Joni.


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