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Many of you will have read the story of Slinky in the January 2007 newsletter. He come to us suffering severe chemical burns over his body, after a great deal of care by our very own Katrina he recovered to the point he could go to his new home with Dianne.

Slinky come to live with Dianne in January 2007, he bonded with her immediately but not so much with the other ferrets for a long time. Late 2007 Slinky finally moved in with the rest of the fuzzy family and soon bonded with Stevie, Tinky, George and Spike.

By this time Slinky has grown fur back over 95% of his burns, has become an extremely playful ferret and is always happy to come up for a cuddle and a lick.

Sadly in the early morning of July 6th 2008 Slinky passed away due to causes unknown leaving his mum and everyone who had a chance to know this great little ferret heartbroken.

Slinky only lived with Dianne for 19 months but had an amazing life while he did. He will be really missed by everyone especially his mum as he was such a special little boy who suffered so much during his short life.

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