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Rest In Peace Shamius

Back in 2008 at the October social day Sue and I met two gorgeous boys Hamish and Shamius. Katrina asked us to see the two boys that were surrendered the day before to Keren and Debbie. They were both underweight and looked a mess. She said that everyone was packed to the rafters with strays so Sue offered to take them home and nurse them back to health. After a few months of care they were back to a normal weight. It was later on that we found out that they were sold in January, surrendered and sold out again, only to come back once more. The poor little sweet hearts.

After 5 months on the website and no enquires, their luck of finding a permanent home was not looking good. At the February meeting in 2009, Keren and Debbie ask me what Sue would say if they told her that she could keep the two boys. It was obvious that Sue would be thrilled. After all, it was only a month after we took them on that she built them a cage of their own. When we first let them out for a run, Shamius was only walking against the walls and furniture due to his cataracts. He started to build up his confidence but always hit the table or anything else in his way.

We noticed Shamius was not his usual self and took him to Coreen Ave. Dr Christie Budd told us that it was his lymph nodes. The prognoses didnít look good. Along with his lymph nodes there were a couple of other issues. We booked a check up for a few days time and took him home with some antibiotics. When we took him back to the vet and Christie confirmed his lymph nodes had reduced a little in size but his quality of life was not looking good. Sue decided the best thing for him was to have him put to sleep.

You are dearly missed not only by us but also by you pal Hamish. He is lost with out you.

Love Sue and Lauren.


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