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Roxy: November 2004- October 2009

We adopted Roxy from the NSWFS in August 2005 from the Kogarah Bay Ferret Society Social Day. She latched onto the skin under my jaw, her name was originally Snuggles, however we changed it to Roxy… not to get the wrong impression. She always wanted to be carried around on outings until she built up the courage to venture on the ground by herself. Tame the wild child into an affectionate young lady who would use the cutest eyes to ask for a treat. Overtime she became a very friendly and affectionate little fuzzy. Roxy was the first companion for Summer, followed by Simba and Theo. She would scratch inside the ag pipe and expect you to scratch back and if you didn’t she would scratch harder and faster. This was a ritual for every morning. Roxy chewed on mobile phone headphones then hid them under the lounge. She could be a bit bossy especially to our Labrador dog Hannah…. She would sneak up to her and nip her on the legs… Roxy managed to escape when we were at the pet photography studio…. After a lot of heart racing and fear we found her in one of the messy rooms having all the fun exploring… On one occasion she ventured next door and went in the manhole which led under the house….. and then scared the lady owner by peering out from the under the door. In the beginning she was petrified of water, until she discovered the garden sprinkler, she would run in and out of the water, doing the "happy weasel war dance”. One time she was still asleep in the indoor cage while the others were outside playing so I took the others outside and left her inside fast asleep. Well she woke up and went and jumped on the bed the cat was fast asleep on and then burrowed trying to hid under the cats bed so she couldn’t swipe her… stalking the cat became a favourite game… She loved jumping and wrestling with the other ferrets on the bed… she was always full of energy and very playful.

You will live on in my heart
My little friend so true,
And memories of you will fill my mind
Until I go to you.

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