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2003-6th September 2009

As soon as we picked her up, I knew there was something special about Prudy.

Her little stumpy tail and gorgeous grey coat. I loved watching television at night and seeing her sleeping soundly in my arms.

When she was up and awake she would bound around, stump in the air, hitting chair, table or person that was in the way. She would tear around challenging you to take her on.

She loved playing 'sleeping ferret' thinking we couldn't see her as she lay flat on the floor. Then when we'd walk past, she quickly make a run at you as if saying, 'A-ha! I got you human!'

It was always Prudy that would go missing when it was ferret bedtime. A quick search of the house would find her nestled softly in a shirt, or a sock or whatever soft bedding she had discovered.

It seems your desire to find that sweet cozy spot was what took you from us in the end. When I found you, I thought you were asleep but the place you had found was too tight. I'm so sorry I wasn't there sooner to rescue you.

Bear and especially Yoko will miss their sister. And Dad and I will always love our sweet, gentle Prudence.

Travel safely.

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