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Heudini (Heuy)

We originally went looking for a friend for Bandit. However, we found ourselves a companion as well. He was our baby boy, and our buddy.

He was five weeks old when he came to live with us... still drinking milk, and hardly able to walk on his own. We have watched him grow from a tiny, cute and innocent little baby, to absolute trouble! He was so tiny he would fit in a shoe, and still have heaps of room to move. And he tried so hard to keep up with his brother and friends, while they ran up and down the hall 5 times before he even got to the corner! As he grew, he ended up faster, and more deadly than they were!!!

On the way home that first day, all we could hear in the back of the car was a panting noise. It sounded like a big dog in the back. So much noise coming from such a tiny little thing!! The only way to settle him down was to let him lay on your chest and feel your heart. That was the end of the cute phase! As a playful adult, he loved going to the park and running/ digging through the grass (or finiding dead birds!) Or if you were not giving him attention when he wanted it, he would jump up and nip the back of your knee, wrapping his paws around you for what we call a "Furry Tackle". And you definitely knew he was there then! We also loved taking him in for a shower, which was under much protest at first, but he ended up finding them very relaxing.

Another thing to remember about Heuy, he always loved to give us a kiss (lick) when he got out of the cage. For Kell it was a lick on the nose, and for Dean it was always his eyes and eyebrows, but he had a very rough tongue! Like sandpaper!!!

We have always referred to Heuy as "Very cute, but slightly unstable". That could be the understatement of the century. Heuy did not look like your typical ferret. One person described him as looking like a red panda. We think he might have been cross ferret, tassie devil, red panda and walrus (longest whiskers in history!!)

Heuy was taken from us much too soon. At 18 months old, we should have had many more years together as a family. Instead, he was taken from us, quickly, and without enough warning.

We would like to say that he has gone to a better place, but the fact is, he had a wonderful home, and life with us. No ferret has ever been so loved, and spoilt. Except maybe his brother, Bandit.

Heuy left us early during the morning of July 16th 2010. He was being held by Dean and Kell, and was never alone.

Heuy will be missed by Kell, Dean and of course his brother Bandit.
While he has been taken from us, he is not forgotten.

The ways in which he enriched our lives cannot be underestimated, or explained. While we aimed to always enrich their lives, and keep them safe and happy, the fact of the matter is, this is what Heuy has done for us. We cannot ever replace him, and we will never try. Instead, we will honour and cherish all of his time with us, and try to focus on the happy and fun times we had together.

We love you baby boy... and you will never be forgotten

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