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1991- 1999

Thirteen years ago we went to our first ferret meeting; there we met Fido, a beautiful 4 year old albino boy. He came from Victoria & was found with two Rottweilers in an abandoned building. Needless to say Fido loved dogs & hated ferrets.

It was love at first sight. That was the start of our love affair with ferrets.

We had 4 beautiful years filled with love & getting our place ferret proofed, every time we plugged something Fido was into something else. For such a little fellow you gave so much love, even when you were sick for the last 2 years you still played & cuddled.

This has been a long time coming but every day since you left us you are still in our hearts & always will be. We miss you baby boy.

Love Keren & Debbie

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