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In August 2007 I adopted Demi from the NSWFWS to give her a resting place for her final time here on earth. She had gone through a couple of carers but didnt have a stable home until I took her in.

It took a few weeks for her to gain my trust and become comfortable in her new surrounds, sharing a home with 5 other ferrets isnt easy when you hate them all. On one ocassion Demi escaped her cage while the others were out running and despite being 8 years old, blind with a cateract and almost deaf she had no hestitation in beating them all up.

We bonded to be best of pals and Demi became the newest member of our family.

Demi was a special ferret to us and to those who had the chance to care for her. She was our very own welfare coordinator, Katrina's first baby rescue many years ago.

Over the past month a tumour had started growing on the gland in Demi's neck and slowly her quality of life went down hill. She often had difficulty eating and drinking and towards the end breathing could sometimes be a challenge. I was always there to comfort her and help her get her food down. Often we would be up late in the night having a drink of milk to help sooth a nasty cough and other times we'd cuddle up for a little scratch.

Demi was 8 years old when she passed to the rainbow bridge on the 16th of January 2008.

She will be greatly missed by myself and Ken who had the honour of spending time with this fantastic loving little ferret.

Rest in peace little one. We love you.

Dianne and Ken

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