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*** Cosmo - The Gentle Giant ***

At the ferret meeting in June 2007, I noticed you all frightened in the playpen. I picked you up & your owner noticed I was cuddling you. She told me your name was Linux & was trying to find a new home for you & Simba as her studies were taking up most of her time. Instantly, Sue & I fell in love & offered a home for you both. We told your owner to think about it & a couple of weeks later she called to ask if the offer still stood. The next day you & Simba became apart of our family & were re-named Cosmo & Diesel. You reminded me of Cosmo Kramer in Seinfeld with that little tuff of fur poking up on the top of your head.

At play time you were never really interested playing neither with your fuzzie friends nor with me. You were quite content pushing your ping-pong ball around the room or going back to sleep. Biting was never in your nature. At expos & shows you didn't mind being handed around. Adults said you were gentle & kids called you a giant.

On the 14th May 2009, Sue & I took you to Coreen Avenue Veterinary Clinic as we noticed a lump on the side of your stomach. We decided to do an exploratory & left you in Dr Nicole McMillan's care. At 3.50pm the next day Nicole advised me that the lump was your kidney & that they were both failing. It was decided then that the best thing was to put you at rest. I had you cremated & today you watch over me as I sleep.

You are deeply missed & will be remembered forever as my gentle giant.

Rest in peace beloved Cosmo.

Your always-loving mother Lauren, grandmother Sue & fuzzie friends.
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