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2001 - 2009

The day i remember the trukie ferret.

It was 5 am and i was going to work it was raining and the burby wanted out so i got the cat box down put it on the floor and opened the door, he climbed in and looks up to say well we are going to be late, So i close the door and out we go down to the kenworth

So we get in the truck i put the box in the sleeper and start the truck put the heater on and off we go.

About half an hour later the offsider get up and walks up on to the dash and brings his blanket with him has a look around and then curls up and back to sleep.

Every time i stopped the little head would come up see what was going on and back to sleep.

The f 3 was closed and i was late so i went up the old hi-way and the freshly polished dash was a little too much he slid from one side to the other and he still didn't move got to gosford and we stopped.

As soon as i turned the truck off he was up. Where are we he would look around and back to sleep yet again.

All day he stayed there only to leave and go get bikies and water but he loved the dash in winter we would get home and he would know where we were and he would go bak to the box and home we were inside. Whiskey would be waiting for u upset that she didn't go she would snub me for a few hours then bite me just to let me know she was there.

Some how i think he was a traidies dog in another life or may be a truckie.
He loved a long day on the road and he will be missed as my offsider.
Have a safe trip my little mate and we will catch up soon.

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