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It has been a long time coming but its still with great heartache to say that Bella was put to rest on Tuesday 18th August 2009 at 12:45pm.

Bella at 1 year old – Seems so long ago

After losing my first ferret Missy to a stroke in 1997, I wanted another ferret to keep Boss company when I was at school. After a couple of weeks looking in the paper, mum and I found an ad and that day we went to have a look. There was 8-month-old Bella and her brother in their cage. We both fell in love with her and it was decided she would come and start her new life with us. When Boss got sick and an 8-week-old Artex came into the picture, she started to play the mother figure. She’d let everyone know who ruled the roost when a new addition came into the family. Even in her 12th year when 2 hyper kits Talyla and Papillon joined the family, they soon learnt like everyone else not to push her too far.

Bella was diagnosed with adrenal disease in 2007. A couple of people thought she wouldn’t make it through winter. Myself included. But her super loren injections seemed to give her a new lease of life and she would play like a youngster. At the start of 2009 her last injection nearly got the best of her. She had troubles waking up from the gas but eventually came to.

There were many times when I was going to have her put to rest but then she would surprise me. When mum called that Tuesday morning, I could tell by the tone of her voice, it was time. I left work as soon as I could and went straight home to spend some time with her. The vet at Panania was really nice and Bella even gave her a little kiss when I said my final goodbye.

It is not every day that a ferret will live as long as she did. I’m very lucky to have had over a decade with Bella. Many of you knew Bella in her older years and even then she was a sweet girl who touched allot of hearts.

Bella nearly reached 13 years

You are deeply missed. Forever embedded in our memories and our hearts.

Play forever at the Rainbow Bridge. Reunited at last with Boss & Comso.

Your always-loving mother Lauren, grandmother Sue & fuzzie family.
Artex, Grizwald, Sookie, Raven, Diesel, Cooper, Bash-Bash, Talyla, Papillon, Hamish & Shamius

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