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I'm sad to report that Artex was put to rest on Saturday 29th May 2010 at the age of 9 years.

Artex was a little pet shop kit. It was during my daily banking for work when I popped into the pet shop and saw a litter of kits playing around. I went back a few days later and noticed there was only one lonely kit curled up asleep. Of course that broke my heart, so I decided he would become apart of my very small fuzzie family. I told Mum a story on why I brought him home but I think she knew I was telling lies. Atrex and I got off to bitie start, as he was the first kit I had owned. It wasn’t long until we gained each others trust and respect. When he met Boss and Bella he fit right in. Boss was his main playmate, and Bella was like his mother. When Boss passed away, Bella and Artex became the best of friends. It was 5 years later until their cosy carefree life was interrupted with many fuzzie additions. He was such a laid back ferret and with every addition he accepted them as part of the family. When he got older he did however want to keep me all to himself. He became obsessed and did not want anyone else playing with me. I guess you can say I was his favourite toy. He would grab my finger and try to hide me somewhere. It got a little annoying but what can you do with obsessed ferrets.

One day in 2009 I was shocked to see Artex tumbling over when he walked and I thought he had suffered a stroke, like my first ferret. I took him up to Coreen Avenue to see Dr Lynn Mathison. She checked down his ears and noticed he had ear mites. Lynn wanted to take him out the back to have a better look. When she came back into the room she wanted me to come and have a look at the video she took. It was a shock to see what ear mites look like and the amount he had in his ear. I took him home on antibiotics and eardrops, which I had to give not only to him but also the rest of the crew. I took him back to see Lynn after 2 weeks and she advised his ears were free of mites. As the mites had done too much damage to his ear, he had a permanent head tilt from then on. At my social day in April 2010, poor Artex was not looking the best. He had lost a bit of weight and was drooling. Back to Coreen Ave we went to see what was wrong. Lynn told me he had ulcers in his mouth, which could have been caused from toxins that the kidneys weren’t breaking down. Some tests were taken so his levels could be checked after 2 weeks on antibiotics. It was good to hear that is levels improved but I knew it was only a matter of time.

Im sorry for letting you go, but I want you to know I stayed right to the very end. I wanted the last thing you could smell and see to be me. We love and miss you very much.

Your loving mother Lauren, grandma Sue and fuzzie family.

Grizwald, Sookie, Raven, Diesel, Cooper, Bash-Bash, Papillon, Talyla, Mocha, Chino & GiGi

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