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Nearly three years ago i decided i wanted an addition to my pet family.That was the first stop towards our 'Fejit family' My older sister had previously had a ferret and had told me how good a companion they can be. So off we went to our local breeder to get my new baby. When the babies were brought out i fell in love with my little an adorable little girl whom i named Sprite. My sister ended up getting a lovely boy that she named Basil and the 2 were inseperable, so much so that Basil would cry his little dook dook sounds when i took Sprite home after they had their visits.

We ended up having to share the babies so that i would have Sprite and Basil at my house for 2 weeks and then my sister would have them both for 2 weeks. This continued from April until Xmas 2005 when we purchased three more ferrets between the 2 families. Welcome to Sprite and Basil's "children" Monty, George and Zipa. So Monty came home with me and Sprite and George and Zipa stayed and kept Basil company at my sisters house. Another addition came in the form of Lola at Christmas 2006 and she too came home with Sprite, Monty and myself.

Sprite was such a beautiful mother to her "babies" and was so protective of them that even when Monty was 3 months old and a far site bigger than Sprite, that she would try to drag him to bed when she thought it was his nap time. He soon gave in to her and would sneak off to play again once Sprite had fallen asleep.

On most weekends Sprite, Monty and Lola would come in the car to my sisters house to have a vacation at the Fejit Hilton (an adapted bird avery) and have fun visiting their dad Basil and other brother and sister, George and Zipa.

At the begining of Dec 2007 i noticed that Sprite wasn't her usual bubbly self and we hadn't noticed her going to the toilet very often. After a trip to the vet we were told she had an infected spleen and we were given antibiotics that should have fixed her up. On Mon, after being on the medication for 10 days she had lost more weight and the infection had not gown down. We were told that it was actually a tumor and gathering by the size of it, it had most probably spread through her tiny body. We were given the option of putting her through surgery that would not cure her, and that she may not survive but may make her last a little longer, or let her live her days in the most comfortable way possible enjoying what little time she had left.

We didn't realise how quick that would be.On Wed night we could feel that she had lost even more weight and she was either sleeping all the time or running round trying to vomit everywhere but nothing would come up. I couldn't stand seeing her like this and didn't want her to be in any pain so my mum and i made the descision to take her back to the vet to put her at rest.

I kept my hand on her back the whole way through the procedure so that she knew i hadn't left her alone, and i felt her tiny body relax in my hand.

Sprite has brought so much happiness into my life and she will never be forgotten. She is my little baby and i have so many memories of her that i will cherish forever.

From the song Who Knew by Pink:

"If someone said three years from now
You'd be long gone
Id stand up and punch them out
Cause they're all wrong and

That last kiss
I'll cherish
Until we meet again
Ill keep you locked in my head
And i wont forget you my friend
And time makes
It harder
I wish i could remember
But i keep
Your memory
You visit me in my sleep
My darling
Who knew"

We all miss you already and we will continue to miss you for as long as we remember. I hope you don't hate me for making you have a long nap without me and your babies.

Lots of love and wet kisses from your human mum Tara and your human nanny Gill

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