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Farewell To Sausage

Farewell to Sausage

Some sad news to bring you, Sausage (one half of the "famous camping ferrets" with her sister Fizzygig) died early on Saturday 7th October after a short illness.

At almost 7 years old Sausage had always had good health until the last few months. At the end of June she had a skin tumour removed and recovered well from the operation. However recently she became rather frail and lost some weight. After a series of tests the vet put her on cortisone but she died before it had any effect.

On the Friday night she got up about 10 pm and came and laid in Margaret's arms for a long time. Sausage is usually too fidgety to stay long but it was as if she had come to say goodbye. Then we went to bed and she laid sleeping on Graham's chest and later in his arms till slipping off to the toilet about 12.30 am. We found her in the morning curled up with Fizzygig but she had just passed away.

We held her and wept buckets of tears over her saying goodbye but not wanting to let go.

Eventually we made her a coffin from a small box and laid her curled up in it. Fizzygig, Tiketyboo and Fudge all came to see her. Each one of them licked her ear and nuzzled her.

As we are still travelling she will be buried at a friends property in North East Victoria.

Sausage, with her sister Fizzygig, had a reasonably long and very interesting life. Although she never chased bunnies out of burrows she did just about everything else. She has travelled and lived in 4 states of Australia as well as our nations capital, had numerous camping trips, lived in 2 caravans and covered tens of thousands of kilometres criss crossing this continent.

She has met hundreds of people while out and about at markets, on the beach, around towns, in caravan parks and even on riding on steam trains. Coming from good rabbiting stock she was a bit bitey in her younger days but she settled down became very friendly and did wonderful PR work for ferretkind.

She will be much missed by her companion humans and ferret friends, especially her sister.

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