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Memorial - Pixie

Little Pixie was adopted from the ferret society when she was 2 years old back in 2001. It only took her weeks to decide that she would boss of our ferret Slinky, who had been with us for two years. She turned into the most affectionate ferret imaginable. She would come and share her little kisses whenever we had visitors and every morning she would be up and waiting for her morning kisses and cuddles with us. Sadly, she developed heart disease earlier this year and although she was doing well on her medication she was also diagnosed with untreatable liver cancer last week. She was given days/weeks to live. We both knew her time was coming, she became especially cuddly over the last few months and would never leave our side when we were home. Yesterday, was different. After she~Rd gone crazy with morning kisses she became very quiet and wouldn~Rt sleep with Slinky and her 2 year old adopted baby, Trixie. It was time and we said our final goodbyes. She was peacefully put to sleep by her Doctor Amy and the lovely staff at Uni of Sydney Vet Clinic.

We all love & miss you so much Pixie. Rest in peace our beautiful princess.

Love forever Dani, Scott, Slinky and Trixie xx

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