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Nancy's Memorial


Nancy, our dear sweet little angel passed away early in the morning on the 5th December, 2006. She had been very sick with a mystery illness for a week, and after multiple stays at the vet, we thought she was back for good. Unfortunatley, this was not the case, and that night, she cuddled up for her final sleep after saying goodbye.

We didn't have you for very long but you were and always will be apart of our family. You introduced us to the world of ferrets. The sniffing, sniffing, the playful little nps, the stolen biscuits, the ferret alarm clock... a lick of the toes. I never knew I could something so little, so much. Mum and Dad love you very much. Thank you so much Nance, you will be forever missed. RIP little fruit bat.

Love Mum (Becci) and Dad (Heath)

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