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Memorial - Mysti

14th April 2004

To Our little "Bubba"

I have wrapped you in your special blanket - So you will never be cold,
Placed a photo of us between your tiny paws - So you will never be lonely,
Included your favourite snack - So you will never be hungry,
And enclosed a cherished toy - So you will never be bored,
I added a flower to surround you with beauty - The beauty that was you.

Thank you little sweetheart for enriching our lives with your gentleness and devotion. During those very short years, we had the joy of your unconditional love - we felt so blessed.

You struggled so hard towards the end, our brave little bubba, so our gift of love was to set you free - free from the pain.

You gave so much and asked so little in return.

Rest in Peace little Mysti - Enveloped always in our love you have touched our hearts forever.

All our love,

Angelika and John

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