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Memorial - Frankie

R.I.P: FRANKIE 1/01/2006

Frankie (left) and Tammy (right)

You Came to us lost, having lost faith in this world, your only friend was Tammy the only one you trusted.She bossed you around,bashed you up, but you loved her.

You came from a world where love, responsibility and integrity for you had also been lost, but we showed you that love does hold true for you in this world of confusion.You trusted us and showed us your happiness with your crazy dances.

I want you to know that we love you for what you have shown us too.

Even now we feel strong, still in that world of confusion that appears around us.

It's sacred for what it holds and teaches us, its pains and sorrows and it's love.

You are that love too.

Today you left us

I know you needed to go, as there is another world,

One of total happiness and love,

One that exists deep within our hearts and our souls,

The perfect place that will always hold true for you,

I will not forget the look in your eyes my little girl,

The cuddles and the love.

Thank you my little Frankie, with your special kisses and sneaky little nips, you are safe now, so remember us all.

It's time to sleep my little girl,

God bless you till we next meet.

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