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Farewell Fizzygig

It is with great sadness and many tears that we have to tell you that Fizzygig, our oldest ferret died this morning, the 14th of March.

She was just 100 months old, a good age for a ferret.

Fizzygig was a very active ferret who would always ask for a nightly walk until early this year when old age caught up with her. We thought we would lose her in January but she was a little fighter clinging tenaciously to life until the end.

Fizzygig was born in Strathalbyn in South Australia and became one of the "famous camping ferrets" with her sister Sausage. They both lived undercover in Queensland for 5 years but went on many camping trips to NSW and Victoria. They were both adventurous and experienced many things, such as riding on steam trains which they did quite often.

Fizzygig was smaller than her sister Sausage but seemed to have more brains, making her the ringleader in their adventures. It was Fizzy who figured out how to open sliding doors, but Sausage who did the pushing. It was Fizzygig who could climb onto the top shelf of the linen press leaving Sausage down at the bottom. But we never quite knew which one it was that left ferret hairs on the newly painted doors and skirting boards!

For the last 3 years Fizzygig has been travelling through NSW, Victoria and South Australia in a caravan picking up two new ferret friends, Tiketyboo and Fudge along the way.

Now she's gone to meet up with her sister Sausage in ferret heaven and they will be able to have adventures together again.

Meanwhile Fizzygig will be sadly missed by her companion humans, and all her other friends both human and ferret.

Fizzygig will be buried with her sister Sausage.

Graham and Margaret

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