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Fast Freddie & Coco

Fast Freddie and Coco

Fast Freddie and Coco arrived at my place in April. Freddie, a BEW, appeared to have a severe urinary tract infection (he was discharging pus) and was on Clavulox. He also had cataracts in both eyes and a wonky walk-his tail was always cranked around to the right! Coco, a sable, appeared to have adrenal and her hair loss was quite severe. Both were underweight. I also felt a small lump in Freddies abdomen ...

I rang Katrina and asked her to remove them off the website. There was no way that these guys were suitable for adoption. They were supposedly five years old and were surrendered due to the owners moving to Queensland. I estimated their ages at around seven, and feel that the owners surrendered them due to the ferrets health problems.They were well handled and obviously loved and although they looked a little worse for wear when surrendered, we never received a nip off them.

Fast Freddie and Coco soon became our little "Gerries". They couldn't come out with my three boofy boys as they couldn't handle the rough play and Coco also hated anyone who wasn't human or Freddie. Fast Freddie, although totally blind, would follow you everywhere dooking- he would also run into you if you stopped suddenly, but hey, he was good fun! Coco was my little snugglebunny, prefering to stay in the ferret sling and get as many cuddles as possible. Coco came to both the August and June meetings and was very proud of her little floral jacket (after she learned that she couldn't wiggle out of it!)

Fast Freddie would always greet everyone in the morning, standing on top of his hamock-let me out! wheres my milk! with Coco snuggled in the blankets at his feet.

Towards the end of July, we noticed that Freddie was again having difficulty in urinating, trying to go frequently and making small squeeky noises. Off to the Coreen ave we go for more antibiotics. I should have mentioned earlier that i suspected Freddie had prostate problems as he was slightly incontinent and this would also explain his predisposition to urinary tract infections. The antibiotics did not seem to have much effect and we had decided that I would arrange for another vet check that evening. However, Ron rang me at work to say that he had to Take Freddie to the vets as his abdomen had swollen up to the size of a tennis ball. I dropped into the vets on the way home and Freddie was still on the operating table. The long and the short of it was that Freddie had prostate cancer and there was nothing to be done-did we want him woken up so we could say goodbye or just let him go under on the table. I elected to wake him so that I could get second opinions-could Freddie be saved? Why wouldnt anyone do a postectomy on a Ferret? After numerous phonecalls it was decided that Freddie would be sent to the rainbow bridge at 4.30pm on August the 2nd.

I took the day off work and made sure that Freddie had the best last day ever- He had as much milk as he wanted, we went down to the park for a couple of hours where he had a great time rolling in the ferns and he had quality time with Coco. I spent most of the day bawling my eyes out.

I was determined that the last thing that Freddie would smell would be me and the breeze so insisted that the vet,John, come out into his backyard and inject Freddie under the huge Lemon tree in his Ferret sling with me holding him. Freddie sleeping and me howling...

I knew that Coco would not last long without her brother-I sometimes think that he was the only reason she was alive. For the first four nights after Freddies passing we had her in bed with us, but she became increasingly confused, urinating and pooping in the same place she was sleeping. On friday the 10th of August, one week and one day after Freddies death, Coco fell asleep in Ron's arms, with lots of cuddles and strokes and did'nt wake up again. They have both now been cremated by Eternal pets and are together forever, dancing and dooking on the rainbow bridge.

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