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In June 2007, I adopted Ferris (then known as Mate or Matey) from the NSWFWS as a 5 1/2 year old. This was the second time that he had been put up for adoption through the Society, but from the first time I saw his picture, I knew that he was the ferret for me. We bonded immediately, and his gentle and loving personality shone through to everyone he came in contact with. He spent his days sleeping in my legal office, and his evenings having full run of my apartment. Whilst he was a little anti-social, he loved attention, and had the most marvellous disposition.

A few months after I adopted Ferris, he started gaining weight and slowing down. I originally thought that this was a seasonal change, but took him to the ferret vet for a checkup. The result was a clean bill of health. A month later, his weight had ballooned and he was struggling with his walking, nevertheless, a full panel of blood tests still came up clear. Over the summer, his weight continued to increase to the point where he could hardly move. On 8 January 2008, Ferris had surgery which revealed a large cancerous adrenal tumour. Whilst Ferris survived the surgery and came home that night, he refused to eat and looked forlorn. I think that he had given up on the struggle that his life had become as a result of the cancer. Whilst I was sleeping, Ferris dragged himself under my bed and went to sleep for the very last time.

Whilst I only knew Ferris for an all too short time, having adopted him later in life, he brought joy to all those around him. Whether sleeping at home in the most perplexing positions to your high-level "legal work" at the office, he always inspired smiles. His gentle and loving personality introduced many people to the wonders of pet ferrets. He was my loving friend during a difficult time, and was responsible for bringing new love into my life. It was my honour to be able to care for him during your last months, and to comfort him at the end. Whilst he will be sorely missed, I am glad that he now has his strength, energy and playfulness back at the Rainbow Bridge.


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