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We only had you for a couple of years but you brought love and excitment into our lives.

You were our first ferret, coming to us from the welfare society, with your daughter Pepsi, and boy, what a learning curve the the two of you were. But as we learnt more about you, the fun began.

If we left the gate open Pepsi would run as fast as the wind to try to escape but you would always stay with us. I remember you would never be able to get up the 1st big step but if there was a drink on the coffee table you would be the first one there. We would come downstairs in the morning and there you would be waiting to be let out to run around and dook dook to your hearts content, plenty of room to play, people to chase and toys to play with.

Now you will dook dook and play in our hearts forever as we say goodbye to our Fanny. We will always love you.

Love Madison,Jenny,Jeremy,Cameron,Pepsi(daughter) and Alvin(our newest ferret)

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