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"Ella" RIP: January 2006 - January 2008

This little bundle of fluff was to become not just part of our lives and family, but part of our hearts.

Our darling, you were the first thing we saw in the morning, waking us up with a firm ear licking

And the last thing we saw at night when you snuggled with at our feet or under our arms.

We loved your joyful pouncing, the mad dooking and chasing us all over the house.

We loved your quiet times when you would lie in our arms and gaze serenely up with love into our eyes.

We loved everything about you, from your little pink "underpants" nose to your "bottlebrush" tail.

You were always the joy in our hearts, the thing we most looked forward to after a long day at work.

My little Houdini, your escapades finally led to your undoing, but we would never blame you.

You will always be remembered til the day we die, loved and missed. Daddy's little girl.

Olivia & Adrian

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