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Memorial - Bryson


Dearest and most loving ferret Bryson, sadly passed away 10 April 2007, aged 7 1/2 years.

Right from your mischievous childhood you were such a gorgeous creature, you touched your mummy's heart with a love that has never ended. Throughout all your many travels, you brought love, smiles and laughter to all who knew you, from family and friends to tourists and airport workers. You were always sleeping when we wanted to play, and playful when we wanted to sleep. Your little ferret "angry dance" always made everyone laugh.

You had a good life, and made others’ better through love and laughter. You loved your schmackos, jerky and whiskas milk, even though it made you sick. Your stealth at stealing packets of your favourite foods (and the supermarket shopping) and ferreting them all away was priceless. You had a taste for the good things in life.

Whether lounging in one of your many beds, flying around Australia, digging at the beach playing in your tunnels, or walking (and being carried) through the parks and streets of Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra you were a happy soul and our lives were made richer from your part in it. The amount you added to our lives is felt more sorely for the hole you have left in it by your sudden departure.

Your pain in your last weeks, you bore with courage and peaceful acceptance. You shared your last days with us and comforted us through them.

Thank you for sharing your life with us and so many others, and blessing us with so many cherished and happy memories.

You will always be remembered in our hearts as our precious "little baby rat", much loved by all.

Alison and Jeremy

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