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Membership to the NSW Ferret Welfare Society is open to anyone interested in ferrets or ferret welfare. You do not need to own a ferret to become a member.

Want to become a member?

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Join Online

You can now join the NSW Ferret Welfare Society online from The Ferret Shop.

Simply register on The Ferret Shop, login and click the Membership link.

Membership Fees:

1 year - $25
3 years - $60

If you are purchasing one of our welfare ferrets and wish to join we have a special offer of $15 for 1 years membership ONLY available at the time you pickup your new fuzzie. Ask the carer about this offer.

Membership is per household.

Membership Benefits:

As a member, each year you will receive six (6) newsletters, each one full of valuable information, stories and pictures.

Social Days are held every two (2) months at various locations. Members and the public are welcome to come and join in the fun - and of course, ferrets are welcome too!

We have ferret games, a selection of items from The Shop and give visitors the chance to asked experienced carers for advice on diet, health care, nail clipping, ear cleaning etc.

Depending on the season, there are often also ferrets available.

If you are interested in joining the Society, please download and complete the membership form and send with your membership fee (cheque or money order) to:

NSW Ferret Welfare Society Inc
Membership Coordinator
PO Box 313
Strawberry Hills NSW 2012

If you wish to join online, please read the area at the top of this page about The Ferret Shop.


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