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Lost + Found Ferrets

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Lost Ferrets

Woodford + Honey

Ferret Details:
Name: Woodford + Honey
Gender: Male
Colour: Woodford- Sable Honey- Albino
Desexed: YES

Other Information: Woodfords male, Honeys female

Last Seen: Manly 2095- last seen late september. if anyone knows anything pls contact!!

Contact Details:
Name: Genev
Phone: 99770325



Found Ferrets

Found: One eye looks red , another one is black

Ferret Details:
Name: Unknown.
Colour: White
Gender: Male
Desexed: Unknown

Other Information: One eye looks red , another one is black

Found at: Mascot,Sydney around 21.00 on 24.12.2018. Might have been missing for a few days as he smells and is a bit dirty

Contact Details:
Name: Dasha
Phone: 0435899196


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