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Available Ferrets

The ferrets we have available here were either found stray, abandoned or surrendered. We do not breed ferrets for sale.

Ferrets are $195 each, or $320 for a pair. They come desexed, fully vaccinated and wormed. Any known health issues will be disclosed.

A deposit of $50 is required for all un-desexed ferrets (normally babies) which is refunded after desexing.

If you are interested in purchasing a ferret from us, please contact the carer listed at the bottom of the ferrets information which you can view by clicking the name of the ferret below.

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Sex: Male   Age: 2 years    Colour: Sable

This ferret is suitable for a first time ferret owner..

Sweet boy, loves people, loves a back scratch, wakes up slowly then loses his mind, social to an extent. Eats Balanced raw diet.

This ferret is located in Mount Annan


Sex: Male   Age: 2 years   Colour: Sable

This ferret is a solitary ferret and does not get on with other ferrets

This ferret is suitable for an experienced ferret owner.

This ferret is not suitable for a home with children.

Playful, but does not like being held

This ferret is located in Parramatta

These ferrets are our senior citizens. Most older ferrets are available for adoption. Contact the carer listed for more information..


Sex: Female   Age: 4   Colour: Silver

Friendly, quiet ferret

This ferret is located in Girraween


Sex: Female   Age: 4 year   Colour: Sable

Friendly, quiet ferret

This ferret is located in Girraween

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